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Kensei Chen

 Troy Athletics, Sprint, Long jump
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I am a collegiate sprinter and jumper. I was born and grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I moved to Arlington, Massachusetts for high school. 


I believe in taking big chances that scare me but will have a positive impact on me. I want to inspire the younger athletes either from my social media or my journey in general. I believe I am always the underdog in my sport so being able to have success would nudge people to start doing what they are passionate about. I do crazy things normal people would not consider doing (for example would be waking up early to train, even if it is during summer vacation) because I want to be at a higher level. I will do anything it takes to make sure I accomplish my goals. Working hard and smart does not guarantee success or wins, but it increases my chances of doing so. 

I know there are not many Asian-Americans in sports, especially in Track and Field. One of my interests is to hopefully inspire them through my story and journey, encouraging them that they can be at a high level in Track and Field. 

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I mainly use Instagram (1,191 followers). I do not have any tv coverage or Presence in Press.