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Kim Astrup Sørensen

 Copenhagen Badminton


Name: Kim Astrup, 27 years old, mens doubles player in Badminton. European Champion and ranked 13 in the world. Trying to qualify for OL2020


I'm profesional and dedicated to reach my dreams. I am no. 1 in Europe in mens doubles. Some of my values are: Humble, Hardworking and I care for the environment, running a (#Stop plastic pollution campaign) on social media. 

I am looking for long term partnership, where I can help your brand to become stronger and help you grow your business, and you can help me optimising and help me reach my goals. 

Reach / Links

Key figures for sponsors

SoMe followers instagram: 31.200 and growing

Instagram reach = videos reach between 50.000-260.000 people, pictures gets between 1500-6000 likes. 


Audience pr event (5000-15.000) 

TV coverage: 13 Tv appearances in 2019 (650 minutes).--> Showed in TV in 37 countries 

Badminton Fanbase = 735 millions (* BWF Global Fan study, nov 19)

Playing all over the world - Europe, Asia. 


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