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Lionhearts London Volleyball Club

 London, Shoreditch Volleyball, Volleyclub


London premier leaugue champions, unbeaten new entry in the National League, all level teams, 1000+ players, 1600+ FB followers, ONE LOVE!


Benefits of a commercial partnership with us:


Our Lionhearts East team represents the club in the Women’s Premier League, the highest division within the London League. Six years in a row title holders, we’re again leading this year's League. Last Season we also entered the National League for the first time, and concluded it with a promotion to Division 2 undefeated. We're leading also this league undefeated and our objective is to achieve the Super League - the highest competition in the country - in just two more years. 

We’re a strong group made of semi professional players from different countries of the world. Our coach was a professional player, is renowned and every year is able to draw many new competitive players. Because of the success we built and achieved throughout the years we’ve gathered a passionate audience within the London volleyball community and beyond.

Our club has recently been acknowledged as one of the best competitive club in London by the London Volleyball Association and Volleyball England for our excellent work. We are very committed to trying to get some local support to continue serving the local community as well as volleyball community in East London.


Lionhearts East is part of the Lionhearts London a local non-profit Volleyball England affiliated volleyball club in Shoreditch, the heart of East London. With over 300 active players and 1500 members on our Facebook Group as well as over 3000 on our e-mailing list, the club runs weekly social sessions and team training sessions with a variety of different athletes.

At the moment, alongside our social sessions which run on Sundays evening and Friday nights we have one Mens’ team in Premiership League together with representations in both Division 1 and Division 2 London League Men’s team with exciting objectives. Three more women’s team compete in Division 1 and 2 of the London League.

Sponsorship Usage

  • London League subscription - yearly membership fee
  • National League subscription - yearly membership fee
  • Volleyball England Cup - yearly enrollment fee
  • referees, scores and line judges fees
  • home venue hire for training and home games
  • coach hire 
  • coach fee
  • kit 
  • balls

Reach / Links

Key figures for sponsors

Benefits deriving from a commercial partnership with us can be customised and include for instance:


  • Regular visibility through banners at all our home games and training as well as at the club’s bi-weekly open sessions

  • Regular visibility through outfit wearing in Shoreditch, London’s trendiest and most attractive area for young people

  • Regular visibility through outfit wearing at all our home and away games

  • Regular visibility on the club’s website

  • Regular visibility and mentions through the team’s Instagram account

  • Dedicated social media campaigns

  • Free corporate volunteering opportunities

  • Tailored free volleyball event for your staff to promote your corporate strategy of staff wellbeing



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