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London Beach Handball

 LONDON Beachhandball


London Beach Handball, team created in 2021 . 2x British Beach Handball Champions.Qualifying to European Champions Cup in Portugal .


  • Club was created in 2020 
  • With 2year of existence we manage to become 2x British Beach Handball Champions
  • Young group of player ( average 26years old) 
  • Hard work group that self finance all beach handball activities
  • Project on going : 
  1. Create the 1st Beach Handball School in UK 
  2. Support young players and bring them back to sports  
  • First team winning 2nd place in European Tour. 
  • Top 20 team in the European Beach Handball tour with only 2 tournament.

We are still considerable a small club but our achievements talks for us . We work hard to put UK in the world of Beach Handball and will keep work until we can see that the sport is developing. 

Our aim is to Bring a Olympic medal to the United Kingdom.

الوصول / الروابط

أعظم النجاحات

  • 2x British Beach Handball Champions
  • 2nd place European Beach Handball Tour

المعلومات الهامة للرعاة

  • Our Social media have grown from 0 to 1000 follower in less than 1 year. 
  • Our followers are 35% Men's and 65% Women's
  • Most of the tournament we participate have media coverage. 
  • European Champions Cup will have Press coverage, media coverage and big live streaming coverage across Europe. 
  • Beach Handball will become an Olympic Sport very soon so will have even higher coverage.

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London Beach Handball (نادي)
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