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Lorena End*

 Gerlingen (Württemberg) Moottoriurheilulajit, Moottoripyöräily


My nickname is PS-Hexe (hp witch :D) and my passion is motorcycles. Planning for the 2023 race track season is in full swing!


Riding a motorcycle is my passion. As soon as I had a taste of the racetrack, I couldn't stop. As a woman in motorsports you naturally stand out - I think that should be supported :) 2022 was my first season on the race track, already within the season I could increase well, I will continue in 2023! I am approached a lot about how I came to motorcycle racing, so many contacts are made. On Instagram I'm very active and my follower count keeps climbing upwards. The Hobby Racing Team, in which I drive, has many fans and thus a lot of attention, with whom we work together. I would be very happy about support to increase even more. Let's see where the journey leads!


Each track day is an investment (per track event 1000-1500€). Starting with the entry fee, up to the equipment for the race track and spare parts for the motorcycle. Every sponsorship is invested for the bike and the time on the track. 

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Avainluvut sponsoreille

  • Many personal contacts in the motorcycle world
  • High visibility on the race track
  • Per race track event 200-400 participants&viewers
  • Instagram: 1,5k followers, tendency increasing


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