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Expedición Chilena Gasherbrum II

 Santiago Alpine climbing, Mountain Climbing, Ice Climbing


High performance team focused on climb the highest mountains on earth, without suplementary oxygen or guides.


The eight thousand project brings mountain athletes closer to the reality of climbing some of the highest mountains in the world in sporty style (without guides or supplemental oxygen). For the rest, we structure mixed expeditions, with different visions, thus promoting inclusion as well as respect and admiration for other genres. The mountain unites us and is a means we use to achieve great things. We are the project that seeks to democratize a distant sport for Chileans, when we are a country of mountains. This year we will climb “Gasherbrum II”, located in Pakistán in the Karakorum Mountain Range with five chileans mountain climbers, the first time in the Himalayas for four of them.

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