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Paul DiBella

 Kansas City Baseball


I am a collegiate Baseball player currently at Avila University. We are in the NAIA. I am a right handed pitcher. I am looking to get sponsored so that I can further help brands expand through my baseball career on and off the field.


Whether on the field or walking around town I always hold myself to the highest standards. Whether I am coaching or playing i always act as if I am being watched. I coach youth travel baseball and the kids can easily be persuaded to do the wrong things by there friends. i help t steer all the kids that i coach whether part of my team or if i am with them one on one i always try and put it in there head that making the right decision may not feel good in the moment but in the end they will end up prospering eith greater things. 

Key figures for sponsors

  • the people that are on campus come to our games that are free of charge for admission.
  • my team and i volunteer to work security and are seen by thousands of people during the NFL season
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