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Sebastian Brendel

 Potsdam Canoe racing


German Canoe Racer | 3x Olympic Champion | 8x World Champion | 13x European Champion | Eyes on Tokyo 2021


My name is Sebastian Brendel, I'm 32 years old and live with my family in Potsdam, Germany. After thoroughly testing many different sports, I opted for canoe sprint. As of now, I've been kneeling in my Candadian boat since nearly two decades. I've reached everything possible in my sports, as three times Olympic Champion, World and European Champion. Most importantly, I have fulfilled my childhood dream of winning an Olympic Gold Medal. With Tokyo in my mind and the paddel in the hand, I'm now steering towards my third Olympic Games. However, there's still many challenges on the way into the "land of the rising sun", which I plan to conquer with my ambition and my strong will.

„Who drives in others tracks cannot take over." (Kant)

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