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Taylor Reid

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Taylor Reid is a Canadian Professional triathlete with multiple 70.3 victories and podiums to his name.


28.04.2021 17:33 ·

The 2021 season is under way with the first few races going off in North America. So far we have seen some amazing world class field of athletes and some great coverage. With Challenge Miami and Ironman 70.3 St. George having live coverage and post race coverage on NBC. SO much more to come this year.

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Größte Erfolge

1st - 2020 C3 Draft legal race 1

1st – 2019 Barrelman triathlon

1st - 2017 Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico

1st - 2016 Ironman 70.3 Victoria

1st - 2015 Ironman 70.3 Silverman

1st - 2015 Challenge St. Andrews

1st - 2013 U23 Triathlon Canada National Championships

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I have a very loyal social media following that look to me to see what products I a using.


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So far, Taylor has 2 magazine covers and the Town of Caledon Sports Achievement Award in 2013 and 2018 and he has just scratched the surface. 


Most triathlons have between 3000-5000 participants and fans at each event.


Triathlon has a very wealthy and affluent clientele that I think many sponsors would be wise to get in front of. A 2015 survey conducted for the World Triathlon Corporation — the Tampa, Fla.-based organizers of Kona and other Ironman and Ironman 70.3 races — found that the average annual household income for Ironman participants is $247,000.


Triathlon has been growing in visibility as more people become aware of and interested in the sport. Expect to see triathlon become even more visible. The professionals have now come together under the PTO (Professional Triathlon Organization) to help move the sport forward and create more TV opportunists. I was part of the inaugural PTO Championship that happened in Dec this year and had over 500,000 people watch the race live. Triathlon is on the course to become the new golf and tennis.


Early in 2021 I races at the inaugural Challenge Miami race that again had live TV coverage and NBC coverage. With the collaboration of NASCAR triathlon is on the edge of a huge jump forward, that you could be get in on the ground floor. Challenge North America has signed a two year deal with NBC to cover all of their events.


Out of the 10 events I do each year about half have tv coverage and that will only grow as Challenge North America adds more events.


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