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Titan Casey

 Easton pennsylvania Mid-distance running, Long-distance running, Athletics


Current Div 1 athlete Freshman running Mens Track&Field and Cross Country in the Patriot League conference. Main events are mid distance and long distance.


I was raised by a single parent and began running at the age of four for USATF as that was the only sport that began at a time my mother could take me to. To everyone‘s surprise at that age I was able to keep up with kids that were more than twice my age. We moved quite a bit when I was younger and running always helped  me find a way to feel at home. Equipped me with a sense of confidence and pride that has helped mold me to be the person that I am today. I have more medals ribbons and trophies than I can count from the amount of competitions I’ve competed in over the past 15 years and I am very grateful that my hard work paid off and I was able to get excepted into Division 1 Lafayette College majoring in Chemical Engineering. I could not imagine ending my running career after high school. The reason I am seeking sponsorship isn’t necessarily for fame or fortune or a big endorsement deal.  Most people know running is not viewed the same as other sports such as football or basketball. I’m seeking sponsorship because I want to bring light to the sport of running because in my opinion I feel  it does not get the recognition that it deserves. I know how much work not only myself but my peers and other runners put into their sport and I would love to bring attention to the passion, heart and grind that runners give each and every time they enter the track or the field.  I also believe in getting back to my community and I would like a sponsorship to be mutually beneficial so not only would I get to build my brand and get my message out but also to help build my sponsor build their brand as well. My key events that I run in track and field are the 400m, 800m,1500/1600m and respective relays. I run 6k,8k and 10k in Cross Country. i was taught to always be humble. However, please know if you choose me, although I am humble, that does not mean I am shy or wuiet or do not have a position as an influencer. I have a lot of eyes on me and can bring visibility and traffic. 

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