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 Bronx Softball


Women Major League Softball, professional independent league. 5 Teams, 5 States (N.Y, N.J, Florida, Georgia, Los Angeles). Need Sponsors/Advertisers to help give the only professional interracial adult women major softball league a starting chance.


The only independent, diversified, women's adult major softball league in the Country.  Sponsors/Advertisers are going to want to be in the forefront of this because this is the first of the new; “New”.  Urban sports are going independent and corporate and the old ways of doing business with the poor and disadvantage in the sporting industry would never be the same again.  This is your chance to get in on the beginning of the making of a League.  This is your chance to show support for women and their athletic skills in sports.  The WMLSB Corp. are listening to the sports lovers.  What sport lovers want, is something old, made new, for the Womanly fashionable Athletic Woman and Entertaining Sport Industry.  Therefore, the League is establishing halftime shows, food Venders, adult refreshments, Media coverage and better customer recognition and appreciation of our Sponsors, Advertisers and corporate supporters. 

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Key figures for sponsors

There is a 100% advertising write-off for advertising with our sports league/Team(s).  Per “Gaming Today”, the fastest-Growing TV audiences are for women's Sports.  All games are played in Major traffic park areas, one of them being across from Yankees Stadium.  Advertising on Teams Uniforms, Equipment and/or Banners.  The leagues' clothesline, website and all social media platforms.   This is historical and you are going to want to be apart of its'  story. 

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