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Antonio Segura

 Washington Ringen, Mixed Martial Arts, Kampfsport


My name is Antonio (Tony) Segura and I am a first year at American University. On top of being a wrestler, I am a Political Science major.


I personally would be the best candidate to represent your brand or company due to various reasons. I would say my most prevalent attribute is my personality. Both online and in person, I am very extroverted and have quite the presence in a room that others have deemed as outgoing. This natural character trait for me would be a positive influence for your business because I would be very outgoing and upfront about the product or service being provided. I have a strong connection with a little more than 1,200 people via Instagram and this influence would only grow as my current and post college wrestling career progresses. As a Freshman in college wrestling, outlets like Flo and Trackwrestling are prevalent in my daily life which have a massive following in the sports world. Although not at the level of some of the superstars in the wrestling world, I show great potential to be with my skill and University being a D1 college in the EIWA league. Aside from these factors, my other character traits such as communicative, hardworking, reliable, honest, intelligent, persevering and personable to all types of people would benefit you and the product you are offering. 

Unser idealer Sponsor

My ideal sponsor would be someone who is related to the athletic world but I am very diverse in my interests. I am bilingual (Spanish and English), I am very into video games, skateboarding, music and male fashion. I am open to any sponsors who are kind and very communicative with whom they have sponsored. 


I am very active on social media and am very communicative with sponsors. 

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