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Björn Dziambor & Annika Schwertner

 Kiel Trekking, Wandern
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We are a german adventurer- couple from Kiel. We will be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail next year,


We are an adventurous couple from Kiel, Northern Germany. Together we've so far done several Outdoor-Trips, including the famous GR 20 on the Island of Corsica. As kind of a life goal, we will attempt to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) together as a couple.

The PCT is a 4200 km long national scenic long distance trail. It starts at the Mexican border and follows the crest-line of the western pacific mountain range all along until the Canadian border.

It will probably take us 5 months to complete it. We will travel on foot, camp along the way and self-support our hike in small trail-towns.

You can follow us on and /

Unser idealer Sponsor

Would be an Outdoor-Food-Company that likes Nature as much as we do.  We would like to find a Partner that provides a good nutrition along our way and that we could do advertisement for.

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Größte Erfolge

On one Hand, Björn is a studied Civil Engineer, who built a House in Perth, Western Australia with his own hands, while Annika is  a studied pharmacist.  On the other hand, we had great successes outdoors. Riding our bikes 800 km around the borders of our home-state (Schleswig-Holstein) during covid-pandemic. Björn hiked from Lübeck to Poland in 2 weeks, together we hiked the very difficult GR-20 on the Island of Corse in France. 

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

1000+ followers on instagram, (growing), participation in Blogs and Podcasts. see my Linktree for more Information. We will start a Youtube-Channel about our trip.

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