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Charles Werb

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Charles Werb is a publisher, adventurer and expedition founder.


Charles Werb is a publisher, adventurer and expedition founder.

​He is Managing Director of Adventure Publishing Pty Ltd, which produces Outer Edge Mag and BLADE Kayak Fishing and Adventure.

As an adventurer Charles has been the first person to snowsail in Antarctica, SUP around the Florida Islands in the Solomon Islands, race his snowsailer at the World Ice and Snow Sailing Association Championships 2017 and in 2018 is seeking additional International Sponsorship to complete the following 2 events:

  • Participation at TOKE 2018.  Our team will be racing against the Europeans and Americans at this Enduro event in Russia 6-10 March 2018.
  • Charles will be returning to Antarctica in November/December 2018 to chase the world record for the most distance covered in 24 hrs, wind powered with the intention of snowsailing from the South Pole to to Union Glacier, a distance of approx.. 1000 km. Current world record is 825km.

In 2010, Charles travelled Europe and the USA to test the concept of THE SWOOSH. 8 years later this has now been brought to fruition and launched worldwide.

We are proud of the fact that the SWOOSH is environmentally friendly, powered by the wind  and leaves nothing but tracks; and can rightfully attest to the fact that The SWOOSH Snowsailer has been tested in Antarctica in 2016. .

He is passionate, not only about adventure, but also about the future of Outer Edge and BLADE and is determined to get people off their butts and to experience for themselves and their families what the outdoors has to offer. 

THE SWOOSH is the world's first transportable snowsailer built and designed in Brisbane, Australia. To view video of The SWOOSH Snowsailer and the media coverage Charles has received please visit

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To engage with like minded companies that are looking to grow their presence in the outdoor world and the STEM education community.

We are environmentally friedly and believe in leaving no trace.


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Größte Erfolge

Being the first to ever snowsail in Antarctica.

Being the first to ever launch a commerciually available snow sailer.

Being the first rights holders to be able to tap into an existing community passionate about the world.

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

Charles currently engages with the following audience and is now in a position to grow this audience Internationally. Charles is currently able to deliver your brand to both a National and International audience through the following:

Having his digital and print assets across all platforms, allow him to deliver results for clients and Charles would like to engage with you to discuss the following;

1. How can we create unique "money can't buy" experiences for our readers and future readers, your existing clients  and your future clients?

2. Where is the synergy between his brands and your target audience? Can we use your product in an extreme environment to showcase its versatility?

3. What are your marketing objectives and how can we leverage our activities to provide real value?

4. What are your marketing key performance indicators and how can we help you reach those targets?

5. How can we implement International,National and Regional marketing tactics into your overall marketing plan?

6. How can results be measured, analysed and improved?

7. How can we deliver your message to:

  • · Over 50 000+ readers of our e-magazines and print magazines per edition through our APP, which delivers to all mobile formats.
  • · A strong and growing Social Media presence, in excess of 35 000, through all of our assets on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Our weekly newsletter, based on content to an average of 60 000 opt ins.
  • Your brand delivered to an audience through our inflencers that we work closely with. 
  • Our readers are aged between 18 – 55, 50% male and 50% female, with an average income of in excess $120K per annum, travel at least 3x per year.
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