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Claudia Bushby

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14 year old karting driver Looking for some sponsorship backing to help me race in a national championship. Please head over to my website and go to the contact page to find out some more about the benefits of sponsoring me.


My name is Claudia Bushby, I am 14 years old and a British female racing driver. I currently race in the Club100 arrive and drive championship around the country at 6 different circuits over 8 rounds. We are looking to enter into a national championship next year called the UKC. This is broadcasted around the world, to all 4 corners of the world. I would race in the Junior Rotax class which has got over 100 drivers entered into the championship this year. Unfortunately, I do not have the financial support to help my career exceed into this championship so I am looking for some financial backing to help me race. 

My current accolades are winning a championship at my home track (Rye House where Lewis Hamilton first started), becoming 18th out of 42 in the Brentwood championship and currently sitting 21st out of 66 in the Club100 championship. I believe I have a great talent and I am an up-and-coming driver.

For sponsorship, I have 3 tiers: Standard, Professional and Elite. Standard is being mentions in social media posts and logo on arm of suit. This package is for people paying less than £100 per annum. Professional is the Standard package but allocation of 2 events per year as VIP and PR opportunites. This package is for people paying between £100-£1000 per annum. Elite is the Professional package with the allocation of any amount of events as VIP and logo on front of suit and on helmet. There may be other opportunites and benefits that come up throughout the year. This package is for companies paying £1000+ per annum.

Reichweiten / Links

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

Instagram is @claudia.bushby - 923 (as of writing)

In race reports and social media, it reaches up to 500-600 views.

Press and TV Coverage - depending on package, you will always get a mention

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