Cona Billings

 Mckinney Kitesurfen, Skydiving, Snowboarding ...


Cona Rae Billings, I’m here to help you grow your business. What I'll be doing for your company? I'll be showing people they can do the impossible and helping everyone to help show their greatness Sincerely, CONA RAE BILLINGS


You’re Awesome 

I can see your greatness

Hello, my name is Cona Rae Billings, I just wanted to start off to let you know that I love your business and what it stands for. I’m here to help you grow your business. ARE YOU READY!!! I have a great idea to help your business grow more and that idea is ME . What can I do for your company? What I would be doing I would be wearing your brand on me and showing people they can do the impossible and helping people to show their greatness at the same time help people that aren’t fortunate to do things. What would I be doing? Anything crazy I do, I love doing crazy things. I'm 18. I just did an Ironman, got in around 200th place, and will do more and will win one. I just went skydiving and hopefully get my license soon. I Love surfing and kite surfing, and longboard mountain biking. You name it enjoy it. Besides loving sports I love reading, dancing, making art, making music, and helping the world. And this is where I need your help. I have the mindset I just need someone to guide me that has the money, supplies, and the coaches to help me help the world and at the same time making money for both of us. I would love to ride a bike across America. do crazy skydiving videos. Sliding off a build with a parachute. Running across texas. Doing these crazy things I want to raise money and put It in the nonprofit I’m opening up. I want to break barriers. I wanna show the world and help the world while making money for both of us. Thank you for having the time to read this. I'll be looking forward to meeting you and discussing more. Appreciate it. Have a great day.