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Daniel Thorson

 Woodland Sportwagenrennen


I am Daniel Thorson, I started racing outlaw karts in 2001 when I was eleven years old. I have always had a passion for racing and love being able to pass it on to the younger generation.


I am Daniel Thorson, I started racing outlaw karts in 2001 when I was eleven years old. I have been racing outlaw karts ever since then took time off in 2017 to focus on my career in law enforcement to become a deputy sheriff in California. Started back to race off and on when my schedule allowed starting in 2021. I have always had a passion for racing and love being able to pass it on to the younger generation and help them learn and support them. I plan to race for a track championship and national championship in 2022. 

Racing Accomplishments
2017 Outlaw Kart National Champion
2016-17 Red Bluff Outlaw Track Champion and
Hard Charger
2015-16 Red Bluff Fifth Place in points and
Hard Charger
2014 Gary Jacobs Memorial Race winner
2012 2nd place National Championship
2010 Red Bluff 4'h place in Champion Points
2008 Red Bluff 5'' place in Champion Points
2006 Red Bluff 8' place Open Points
2003 Thunderbow1 Speedway 500cc Track
Champion and Rookie of the year
2002 Thunderbowl Speedway 125cc Track
Champion and Rookie of the Year
2001 Thunderbowl Speedway 3rd in Points and
Rookie of the Year
32 career main event wins, 40 career fast times



I would promote your company in a professional manner on and off the track.  I would put your company logo on the race car and on my suit. I would have the announcers announce your company every time I am on the track. I would wear your company clothing at the track and when interviewing. I have been on national televised races and every race I am in is live streamed online for viewers around the world to see. I would make sure that your company would get positive publicity in my interviews and social media post. If you or your company has any further questions or wants to talk more or see pictures of the race car feel free to contact me at any time.