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Daniil Shapka

 Trieste Motorsport, Formelsport


I'm 20 years old racing driver. Prize-winner of the Russian Circuit Racing Series. Living in Trieste, Italy.


Motorsport is a very dynamic and popular sport that has a multimillion audience of fans around the world, some of whom can become the sponsor's target audience and associate positive emotions with the sponsor's brand.


Having started racing in 2018 with a very limited budget, I went from the karting rookie to a prize-winner of the Russian Circuit Racing Series (RCRS) in season 2021, what is a serious result for the debutant of the season.


There are already teams in NASCAR Whelen Euro Series (the sole official NASCAR Series outside of North America) and Italian Formula 4 Championship which are ready to cooperate with me, and if the issue of financing is resolved positively then I'll be able to take part in one of these series, or potentially I'll be able to take part in the new junior Formula E series - ACE Championship, the organizers of which announced the first season in 2024.


NASCAR Whelen Euro Series - https://www.euronascar.com/

Italian Formula 4 Championship - http://f4championship.com/

ACE Championship - https://www.ace-championship.com/

Größte Erfolge

  • 2020 Moscow Regional Championship - 3rd, Legends 600 class
  • 2021 Russian Circuit Racing Series - 3rd, Legends EVO class

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  • Tik-Tok
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To date, there have been no active actions on content filling and promotion


NASCAR Whelen Euro Series:

  • More than 20,000 fans are present at one race weekend
  • TV show and Live streaming coverage broadcasted all over the world
  • 6 NASCAR GP and 2 All-Star events in 8 European countries

Youth formulas have similar indicators in popularity and prevalence.

If interested, I'm ready to discuss in more detail the strategy of marketing communications in the sponsor's interests.

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