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Florence is determined despite the fact that she has never received the support she deserves to succeed in becoming one of the best international tennis players despite all the pitfalls she has already encountered since 2016: 119 victories / 141games


Florence is determined despite the fact that she has never received the support she deserves to succeed in achieving her dream and objectives. And this despite all the pitfalls she has already encountered on her journey. She was in an academy that did not keep her commitments at the tennis level or at the level of follow-up studies. 
Our mistake is to have put Florence in this academy after her first full season of competitions where at the age of 12, she made 119 victories out of 141 games played. We thought that the academy would bring him to ITF Juniors but nothing. Florence decided after a period of doubt to resume the competition in March 2023 but we lack the means to give her what she deserves. She is determined, perfectionist, passionate and hardworking but no one supports her. Florence does not just want to succeed for her but also to show all our youth that everything is possible when you believe in your dream and that by force of work you can achieve it. It is true that Florence started late in tennis but is this a reason to give up her dream and goals? We can guarantee you that the sponsor or sponsors who will support her by giving her their trust will not regret it. Florence is open to the world, she is self-taught (she learned to read and English on her own). She would like the passion for sport to come back before money. We tried to make several projects to help him but unfortunately unscrupulous people left with all our savings and the Belgian justice system does nothing. From where, that as parents, although awkwardly, we are looking for financial support and guides. Recently, we tried to put a mutual aid project between tennis players in Monastir, Tunisia but the same thing we invested with the heart and not the head. We find ourselves stuck. Spontaneous loneliness in this society no longer seems to exist. 
Florence wants to succeed not only for her but also for one day to allow more children to realize their dream, to support disabled sport but also to try to help create structures for young adults with disabilities.

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Currently, Florence is unknown to the general public and this is a shame because the more people she has watched her play and find that she has a beautiful tennis, the more she plays in quality. We created the FEDELI TEAM DREAM'S on Facebook and Instagram but not yet sufficiently trained in communication, we only share a few things.

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But what is certain is that if Florence is well accompanied and guided, she will make a lot of audiences because she has an extraordinary charisma. You have to meet her and discuss with her to realize the enormous potential she has in her.

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