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Gabe Hill

 Dalton Amerikkalainen jalkapallo


I am a junior at Shorter University in Rome, Georgia majoring in Criminal Justice. I play strong safety and wear number 14.


I have a unique story that could have ended in a much different way.  I lost my mother at the end of my freshman year of high school and had plenty of opportunities to take the wrong path which is what most expected.  However, I clung to my love of football and found strength in my team and coaches.  I have maintained at least a 3.2 gpa in college and receive the Georgia Hope Scholarship.  I work hard. I play hard. I study hard. I pride myself in being a role model for kids in my hometown.  I believe in the power of positivity and you get ahead by working hard.  


I have a great smile.  I also have great style and would love to have a clothing sponsor.  I am also studying to be a game warden so I love the outdoors and would welcome any sponsors in the outdoors industry.  

Korkeimmat saavutukset

Graduating high school with a 3.1 gpa

Receiving a football scholarship for college

Buying my own truck

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My personal instagram has 1531 followers

Shorter football instagram has 1291 followers

The official Shorter Athletic instagram has 2517 followers


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