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 Asti Kampfsport, Kickboxen, Muay Thai


im a thai boxer and kickboxer, i need a sponsor so i can focus on the training and events without worrying about financial problems


I train in France in the Ezbiri Team, the preparation and the coaches are among the best in Europe 

  • the coach is a three-time world champion and currently fights in Glory kickboxing, the founder of the team is another coach of ours with three world titles under his name 
  • my sparring partner is the current middleweight k1 world champion, all the staff are very professional and competent staff with intended and functional training
  •  five workouts in the gym per week of two hours each and three hours on Wednesdays and Fridays 
  • I have potential and I have a huge audience, knowing people directly in three different countries and having so much publicity


Unser idealer Sponsor

i like any sport related sponsor, my favorite are venum and nike


i need a sponsor to help me focus all my energy into the sport a

Größte Erfolge

fighting for the amatorial mma italian championship

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Instagram followers : 820

Facebook followers : 950


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