Jess Holt

 Southampton Springreiten, Reiten


I am a 20 year old showjumper currently jumping at Discovery/1.05m level, looking to move to Newcomers as soon as lockdown is over. In the next 3-5 years I aim to have opened my own livery yard, and to be jumping at Grand Prix level internationally.


Having been training with Grand Prix showjumper, Kimberly White, I now have extensive connections within the showjumping community. I have an approachable, friendly attitude which means I easily connect with people I meet at shows which would allow me to promote products easily. I am hardworking and have a growing social media presence, as well as training some young riders locally. I am looking forward to competing on the Sunshine Tour (international) in 2021, and to progressing up the levels. I am easily recognisable at shows as I always have my hair dyed colourfully, so it would be easy for people to know who I am, and therefore who is sponsoring me,  by this!

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I am currently working on growing my social media following.

Instagram: 734

Facebook: 144

YouTube: 11

Local Competitions: Usually roughly 400 people at show, of those usually 50-100 in audience

Regional/National: The big competitions, e.g. finals, are televised, audience from 100 upwards depending how big the show is.

International: in 2021 (covid permitting) I intend to take part in the Sunshine Tour which is televised and usually has audience numbers in the hundreds.