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My name is josh and I compete in NatSKA karting. My goal for the near future is to race in British f4. 20 million people viewed in 2019


My passion is racing and I love the sport so much. My dream is to some day race in Formula 1. I started karting in 2017 in the cadet class and won my 2nd ever race, soon afte that, I moved up to the junior 4 stroke class and attained multiple wins, podiums and fastest laps. However in March 2019 my kart was sadly stolen. Just the race before I finished 3rd with the fastest lap of the day. Soon, a new kart was sorted out for me to race. Howrver the engine was uncompetitive. But through will power and determination I was back to to competing near the front.  Currently I race in junior tkm karts but due to covid19 u couldn't race more than 2 times in early 2020. In the ease of lockdown in October 2020 I went testing and it was my first time in the kar in over 6 months. But, I was faster than ever before and I cant wait to race karts again, or who knows maybe cars. My aim for 2022 is to race in British f4 which is unfortunately out of our budget. 

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If you were to sponsor me I would place your company's decal of choice on the side of my car, suit and helmet. I have 570 instagram followers to which I will also promote your company/product on. British formula 4 viewing statistics are 20 million as of 2019 (FIA governing body) from itv broadcasts and spectators. The spectating audience at the track can be anywhere from 20,000 to 100,000 with millions watching on television.