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Kevin Nguyen

 Grand Prairie Tennis


Hello, my name is Kevin Nguyen, I am a tennis player for Southern Methodist University's club tennis team. I love playing intense tennis levels to maximize my practice and abilities. I hope to receive a sponsorship to help me reach a higher level


I wish to earn a sponsorship because I want to become a better athlete with new opportunities. But, not only do I want to be sponsored for myself, I want to be able to endorse the brand I am sponsored by. Players often struggle with purchasing equipment and, therefore, are unable to attend tournaments due to the fees. To be able to receive help with factors such as these would provide me with opportunities that will strengthen my future in tennis. Representing my school along with the sponsorship I could receive would surely benefit my sponsor; I often play about 5 times per week as well and often meet new players to play with. Consistently meeting new players proves to be a great way to endorse my sponsorship brand and reinvigorate the sport of tennis. 

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Receiving this sponsorship will encourage my social media usage. With the help of my tennis team and Southern Methodist University's reputation, I'm positive I can successfully endorse my sponsorship and become a better athlete. 

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