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Larissa Paes

 Brasilia Speed Ice Skating, Inline-Speedskating, Winter sports


I'm the first Brazilian woman on ice speedskating, looking for brands to partner with on my journey to the 2022 Olympic Games.


I'm an accomplished inline speed skater in Brazil, and just 2 years ago decided to embrace a new challenge, to become an Olympic athlete. I've been training ice speedskating in Salt Lake City - UT for 2 seasons now, and keep getting better results.

I do love to promote the sport and have started working on my Instagram page last season, with the goal of making this sport more known everywhere. This also became a great way to promote a few products and deals.

I'm now looking for brands that would like to invest in me and get promoted, so we can get to the Olympics together.

Reach / Links

Key figures for sponsors

Currently 2.9k Instagram followers, mostly athletes and people who are interested in physical activity.

I also coach an online group of skaters, who are always supportive of the brands that I work with.


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