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Martina Willing

 Brandenburg Athletics, Paralympics


I'm on my way to my 9th Paralympic Games which will take place in Tokyo in 2021. I want to win my 15th Paralympic medal there!


I am a para-athlete and aim for my 15th medal in Tokyo 2021! In addition to an enormous sporting spirit, a high willingness to perform and training diligence, I always have the motivation after great sporting successes! The Paralympic Games in Tokyo will be my ninth and I am doing everything I can to achieve my big goal! Unfortunately, I can't do it alone. Therefore, I would like to invite you to enlarge my small team and to accompany and support me.

Our preferred sponsor

Anyone who wants to support me and para-sport and experience a beautiful sporting future with me!

Sponsorship Usage

Financial support for movement training on horseback to improve seat and trunk stability

Financial support for my urgently needed assistant

Purchase of a new special chair for throwing from a sitting position

Purchase of competition equipment

Reach / Links

Greatest successes

14 Paralympic medals, 3 of them gold

Multiple World and European Champion and World Cup Winner

A total of 78 international medals

Key figures for sponsors

In para athletics, I am currently the most successful athlete in the country.


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