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Massimiliano Fucile

 Vicenza Tennis


My name is Fucile Massimiliano, I am 13 years old and I am looking for help to undertake this path at European and national level.


My name is Fucile Massimiliano, I live in Vicenza with my family. I have always played tennis, I followed my older brother and I fell in love with this sport. It has been a couple of years that I have started to have good results both at European and national level. This year I was not able to win the national under 13 title for a short time. I like to play, I have a lot of fun, even training and I always try to improve something. My family is making many sacrifices to give me and my brothers the opportunity to practice this sport that is as beautiful as it is difficult and burdensome, especially for equipment and travel. I am a good student, I can keep a high average. I feel that I can go high and I will strive for it, if you want to join me do not hesitate.

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