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Massive FC

 Durham Fußball


We are a new and exciting football team with a fast growing social media presence.


We are a new football team with a fast growing following on social media. Within the first 30 days on Instagram alone we have had a 11000 reach with over 250 followers. With the sponsorship we would be looking for half of our weekly match fee (£18) in return for a mention of your business on every match day post, naming the man of the match award after your business and also a link to your business in our bio.  Alternatively we would also be looking for a kit sponsor willing to pay the £270 for the costs of the kits. 

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We have had an instagram reach of 11000 within the first 30 days of having the account. Have over 250 followers on instagram within the 30 days as well. We have also had over 400 likes on our posts and over 4000 veiws on our instagram reels and tiktok videos. Our audience is still growing and no where near a peak. we have been followed by Leisure league official account (11.6K followers) and Swaz (2K followers). 

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