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micah stanley

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I am a racing driver. I started my career at the age of 3. I have raced for McLaren, Aston Martin, Mercedes and Lamborghini. I am looking for sponsors for 2021 and onwards


Micah Stanley, a formidable force in motorsports, showcased remarkable prowess in the Porsche Carrera Cup GB, clinching an impressive second place in 2021 and establishing a legacy as a multiple-time race winner. In 2022, he continued his success with a fifth-place finish, expanding his reach to Benelux and the UK, securing multiple podium finishes. With a track record spanning successful GT campaigns and a standout karting career, Micah Stanley stands as a versatile and accomplished racing talent.

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my main social media is Instagram with 13980 followers 

all events have from 10-90 thousand people coming to watch online or at the track. 

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