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micah stanley

 monaco Motorsport


I am a racing driver. I started my career at the age of 3. I have raced for McLaren, Aston Martin, Mercedes and Lamborghini. I am looking for sponsors for 2021 and onwards


This Sponsorship will help your brand expand through out the world as I will be racing not just only in Europe but aswell around the world in European championships but aswell World championships. Your brand will be advertised on the race car aswell as on my race suit and helmet. Your brand will be able to join the racing team at there hospitality so you could bring important guests and show them how your brand will be affiliated not only with a Top athlete but aswell as prestigious car manufacturer. 

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my main social media is Instagram with 13980 followers 

all events have from 10-90 thousand people coming to watch online or at the track. 

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