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Mohsen Sabouri

 Adiyaman-Cankara Taekwondo, Kampfsport


I'm professional taekwondo player Asian Champions & National Champion Road to Olympic paris 2024


I am on my way to qualify for the Olympics (2024Paris) & (2028 Los Angeles) and I need international tournaments in Europe and Asia to collect rankings.

Unser idealer Sponsor

We expect our sponsor to support our travel expenses, only plane tickets And sometimes the hotel that is related to the host country of the tournament.

Größte Erfolge

Asian Championship 

National Championship

Open tournaments in Malaysia, United Arab Emirates,  Turkish,  Maldives and …..

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

 All tournaments are broadcasted live on the YouTube of the host country and the world federation with 370 subscribers. 

An average of 25 countries participate in each tournament

I'm not social media man I can send my CV , but my My personal trainer is on Instagram with 85k followers and high views along with my videos.

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