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Sabres Impact

 London eSport (E-Sport)


A worldwide brand in gaming, content and apparel.


Sabres Impact was established in 2019 with a unique approach to the gaming industry. We bring together content creators from all over the world to collaborate and build new audiences. We've established ourselves as a content brand but now it's time for us to take on competitive gaming and make a name for ourselves on the global stage.

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Sabres Impact currently has presence across Europe, North America and Oceania. We are willing to work with anyone who has interest in these regions.


  • Investing in a competitive VALORANT team.
  • Bringing in bigger content creators from different regions.
  • Renting a gaming house.
  • Bigger budget for YouTube content.
  • Hosting VALORANT tournaments.

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Größte Erfolge

Although we haven't started competing yet, we have firm belief that that once we do, we'll make a big impact in the industry. We've built a solid community of supporters in VALORANT and know they'll support us in the esports scene too.

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

Our standout stats are:

  • Instagram followers: 2,000 (Sabres) + 44,000 (Team)
  • TikTok followers: 1,000 (Sabres) + 108,000 (Team)
  • Twitch followers: 37,000 (Team)
  • YouTube subs: 1,000 (Sabres)


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