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Sara Sandrini

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Ciao, mi chiamo Sara ed ho 25 anni. Ho un sogno, un obiettivo, sfondare il mondo del triathlon sulle mezze distanze, la grande sfida del triathlon sono i viaggi e le trasferte .. per questo cerco gente che mi aiuti e supporti in ció che amo di più.


Hi, I'm Sara and I'm 25 years old.

in the last 4 years I have been passionate about triathlon and the last two about half distances. With my first race over this distance I finished 5 in the national team and 1 in the Under23s. The second year I managed to get on the third step of the podium overall (always in the national team). To date my biggest dream is to compete internationally with the strongest in the world. I have the qualities to do it, only the skills to travel/relocate are missing. I'm looking for sponsors who believe in my dream, the potential is there and the grit is great!!

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I like to share my passion with the world, this is my page

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