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 Shastri Nagar (Bhopal) Fechten, Kampfsport


I’m an international medalist , and I want to achieve big in my life , I know I can do more better if my financial support is also with me , that why I need a sponsor. And I promise that if I’ll get sponsor I am going to give result in under 2 ye


I am an professional athlete i am in top 4 in my country (India) I have played 3 international, in which one international in Uzbekistan I got bronze medal . And now I’m going to play world championship in Bulgaria so because of no financial support I’m not  able to play more international tournaments because of that my world rank is not good , if I get sponsor I will able to attend more competitions so my rank will on top 8 and I can be selected for Olympic . 

          If I get sponsored, I promise that with in 2 years I am going to show results. 



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I have not many followers but I get interviewed for my talent couple of times ! 

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