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Team Inseparable was founded in 2009. Our goal is to participate in Germanys E-Sport scene and maybe bring it back to our homeland.


Welcome to our site of Team Inseparable e.V.

Team Inseparable was founded in 2009 as a little group of hobby computer gamers. Back then our first opinion was to play and stay together. For us iNSEP is already more than a simple "Community". It’s more like a family. We are playing pretty much everything. Not just shooter like Counter-Strike or moba games similar to Heroes of the Storm or League of Legends We also play racing games like Grid or The Crew. Long story short: Does it make fun? We’re gonna play it!

In late 2015 our Management changed. The founder of Team Inseparable left due to some private reasons and the current management took Team Inseparable over. We decided to take a step further into E-Sport! In early 2016 we’ve played our first season in 99 Damage-League what is beside the ESL the second biggest League for CS:GO in Germany. We also joined two big Lan’s in Germany (Lan-Berlin and BK Lan).

In July 2016 we made our next big step. We decided to get a Club so we are now a e.V. (Eingetragener Verein, registered Club) in Germany. Our goal is to participate in Germanys E-Sport scene and maybe bring it back to our homeland. And to be honest to get well known with Team Inseparable would be an Honor too.

We currently have two Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive teams who play for us on the next 99 Damage-League, ESEA, ESL and some other Lan-Events. We also got one of the best Trackmania 2 Player and we are currently searching some active and enthusiastic FIFA players. The most attention we get is for CS:GO. We got some really good potentials and this is why want to progress on.

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• Jersey and jersey manufacturers
• Hardware manufacturers
• Software producers
• Financial supporters


Hard-and software as well as drinks are provided for the players

Financial resources are invested in the expansion of the organization and its presentation. Furthermore, this allows the players to participate in and On / Offline Events

We look forward to hear from you - CEO Team Inseparable e.V

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Größte Erfolge

2016: first place in the 99 Damage League Div. 3
2016: qualified for Open League Winter 2016 Playoffs Europe (still running)
2016: 4th place Maniaplanet Trackmania World Cup
2016: 3th place on the BK (XX) L Lan # 13
2016: 3th place on the Lan Berlin
2016: 2th Gamblers Gaming Easter Cup

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