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Kalib Greene

 Waycross American Football, Ringen, Kampfsport


I’m currently a student athlete (first time freshman) at Andrew College. Of course my goal is to make it to the NFL but to also prove that going after your dream is not impossible.


I wanna be able to change life’s with sports. I wanna show generations after me that chasing your dreams and trying to accomplish them isn’t impossible. I came from a very poor childhood with nothing but bad influences around me. Me being the first to graduate early and go to college is already a big accomplishment for me. My next goal is to earn my college diploma and be at the top of my class in my position. My goal isn’t only to make it to the NFL but to also set examples. I feel I will be a great fit for a sponsor because with wearing your product I’ll conduct leadership skills, creativity,  inspiration and so much more.

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I stream via twitch with around 630 followers and growing peaking at 150 views. 540 followers on Instagram peaking at 400+ views. 72 followers on TikTok peaking at 886 views.

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andrew college (Verein)
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