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Xandro Fabbro

 Zürich Kitesurfen, Radsport, Tennis ...


Passionate cycling, tennis and kitesurfing amateur athlete seeking sponsorship to inspire millions. Let's unite our brands for triumph and create a powerful legacy together!


Dear Sponsors,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to you with an exhilarating opportunity to form a dynamic partnership that will elevate both our brands to new heights. My passion lies in cycling, tennis & kitesurfing where determination, teamwork, and dedication reign supreme.

As an amateur athlete with a relentless drive to succeed, I have been honing my skills since the youngest age, overcoming hurdles, and pushing the boundaries of my abilities. I firmly believe that true champions are made not only on the field but also through strategic alliances.

By sponsoring me, you will be aligning your esteemed brand with a promising talent committed to making a mark in the sports world. Together, we can create a powerful narrative that resonates with audiences worldwide, uniting them in celebration of human potential and inspiring a generation of aspiring athletes.

Your support will not only aid in my training and participation in amateur events but will also grant your brand exposure in all places where I practice. I envision our collaboration as a mutual journey of triumph, fostering loyalty and admiration from an engaged fan base.

I would be honoured to discuss this proposal further and explore how our partnership can flourish. Let us combine our strengths, ignite passions, and conquer new frontiers together.

Thank you for considering this proposal. I eagerly await the chance to showcase how our partnership will set new standards of excellence with the various sports I practice around the world.

Yours in sport and shared success,


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