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Anna Poreba

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#Paris2024 Paradressage - On route to the next paralympics


You'd be supporting a very strong partnership, that is characterised by mutual respect, compassion and connection - the essence of what dressage should and can be. Quadi is a remarkable dressage horse, besides his limitless physical dressage qualities, he is exceptionally smart, and completely devoted to Anna. Anna has been around horses, and some of the worlds best trainers, since her early childhood. She is living with a hereditary bone disease, and is only able to dance with/ and thanks to her equestrian partner.

This pair will compete internationally in 2023 and 2024, with realistic chances to leave a mark at the paralympics in Paris 2024.

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  • 6900 Linkedin followers
  • Active on Instagram, open to collaborate through other social channels
  • Anna provides access to 20 elegant and picturesque sporthorses (including Quadi) for marketing purposes
  • Brand representation at major global equestrian competitions in 2023 and 2024 ( including Qatar, Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria and France) 

 - Professionally, Anna operates at the nexus of business and behavioural science, she empowers Fortune500 companies to effectively manage change, on a local, regional and global level. In her role of an expert advisor, Anna can add value to your organisation through keynotes, workshops and executive coaching. Focus areas can include: Organisational Transformation, Behavioural Change, Diversity and Inclusion 



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