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Bilal Whittle

 Tuscaloosa Baseball


How’s it going, my name is Bilal Whittle and I’m a student athlete at Stillman College. I’m willing to be sponsored by any brand or company that would love to have me, I have creative ideas and would love to advertise anything for my company/brand.


You should sponsor me because I am really big in my community here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I would love to advertise anything that you would have to offer me or just be out in the open with the community spreading you guy’s name. But also with me playing baseball and me always being around elite personnel it’ll also be a big help for you too as well.

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

My social media has up to 500 followers and climbing. (67% male and 30% female)

My post usually reach up to 150-200 likes and more once shared by others which brings me more followers. 

By sponsoring me as an athlete, you can have a client with an affinity for your design, apparel, fashion, or brand.


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