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Miriam Welte

 Otterbach Track cycling, Cycling


To be able to experience the dream of winning the Olympics once again, I train very hard every day. Together we can achieve the goal!


I'm interested in partners to accompany me on my way to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Together we can tackle the gold project for which I motivate myself every day. Track cycling is an absolutely great sport. To feel the pressure of the curves at speeds of almost 70km/h, that's just awesome and it's what excites me about this sport in particular.  

If it comes to a joint cooperation, I would also like to give something back. This could be that I invite employees of your company to a trial training on the cycling track or to a joint cycling tour. I could also give a lecture on sport and the Olympic Games. There are no limits here and I am open to suggestions and ideas.

Our preferred sponsor

I hope that I have aroused your interest. Just write to me, I am looking forward to hearing your ideas!

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