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Reghard Brendan Vorster

 Middelburg Trampolinturnen, Allgemeines Turnen


In July 2022 I competed at the Scalabis Cup in Portugal Santerén In June 2022 he competed in PE and qualified to represent South Africa for the World Age Group Competition as well as the Africa Championships


To Whom It May Concern


I’m contacting you regarding a unique sponsorship.

Reghard Vorster is a trampoline gymnast born on 05/05/2005 in Middelburg Mpumalanga. He started jumping at an age of 11. Training and competing in Mpumalanga it was not long before he was the best. And obtained Silver on SA Gym Games in 2017. Due to limitations in training and competitions we made a bold move to enter him into TUKS trampoline gymnastic club. He went to new hights and obtained Silver at SA Gym Games in 2018.   Reghard is part of the Squad team for South Africa since 2018.  Out of the Squad team Gymnast are selected to compete on National as well as International level. In July 2022 he competed at the Scalabis Cup in Portugal Santerén and obtained position nr 10 on Double Mini-Trampoline out of 35 gymnasts and position 22 on Euro trampoline. In June 2022 he competed in PE and qualified to represent South Africa in Sofia Bulgaria for the 22nd  World Age Group Competition as well as the 16th Africa Championships held in Moroko in December 2022.  He received his Junior Springbuck colours for a second time.  Reghard is currently 17 years of age, he is competing in age group under 21.  He is already selected for the team  who will compete at the 2022 SA Gym games Hosted in Gauteng.

List of achievement Local:

Gauteng North Gymnastics Association.

  • Trampoline Region 5 Junior Team (Junior SA Colours)            2019
  • Trampoline best gymnast Level 6                                                  2019
  • Trampoline best gymnast Level 7                                                  2019 
  • Best Gymnast Trampoline Region 5                                             2020
  • Best Male Euro tramp Level 9                                                        2021
  • Best Male DMT Level 9                                                                     2021

SA Cup

  • SA Cup Winner                                                                                    2020
  • SA Cup Winner Euro                                                                          2022
  • SA Cup Winner DMT                                                                         2022


SA Gym Games

  • Overall 2nd                                                                                         2017
  • Overall 3rd                                                                                          2018
  • Overall 1st                                                                                            2019
  • No SA Games (Covid)                                                                     2020
  • Overall 1st                                                                                            2021


In his life Reghard did obtain other awards not with in his field of expertise but worth mentioning. In 2018 he rewarded with Junior Springbuck colours for Land Service and in 2019 he is awarded the “Facta Non Verba” award “(actions speak louder than words)” for outstanding service and support to fellowmen and nature.  He’s also awarded by the NSRI with a Bravery medal and by SAGF – South Africa Gymnastics Federaion with a Recognition of outstanding Bravery award. The above award was obtained due to saving a 10-year-old child’s live from a near drowning just after competing at SA Games in 2019.


Reghard is also attending home schooling to enable him to train for 3 -5 hours on a daily basis. With full support from his Couches Tiaan van Der Walt and Lucky Radebe. Tiaan is an international coach with numerous success stories of SA Gymnasts under his career.  Lucky Radebe him self was a Gymnast and represented South Africa in the World Championships and World Games.


Therefore, we request for your consideration a sponsorship for Reghard to follow his dreams and make South Africa proud. A detailed cost breakdown will be provided prior to each event. Which will include flights, accommodation, food and beverages; required Visa’s and needed attire for the event.  We strongly believe that Reghard has a very bright future in Gymnastics. By Helping him we will be able to give Reghard the needed opportunities to become Internationally recognized and Proudly South African Ambassador for Trampoline Gymnastics. Seeing that Reghard is only 17 and competing at international level for under 21 I strongly feel that giving the correct opportunities Reghard can Represent South Africa in 2024 Olympic games



André Vorster


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