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We bring back the fun into sports! Special April 1st offer: Buy sponsored memes!


As part of our brilliant new strategy that was officially launched on April 1st, 2021, we want to sell sponsored memes instead of sports sponsorships!

Some generations will maybe ask themselves what is a meme? - Its a cultural phenomenon that spreads a visualisation of satire some find enjoyable. Simple: A joke in a picture.

Our sponsored memes are created - mostly by our interns - in an epic 10 minutes thought process. Funniness not guaranteed (obviously)! Prepayment only!

Check out our offers:

  • Creating a meme about your company [as said, no funniness guaranteed]
  • Explaining what a meme is and how to pronounce the word
  • Complaining in your social media comment section that your post is a repost
  • Getting unqualified investment advice from an actual r/wallstreetbets member
  • Wasting your bitcoins by transferring them to our corporate account

Let us know if you are interested. Our highly motivated team awaits their taks to create the first sponsored meme!

Want to learn more? Check this awesome video.

Why is this video awesome? Click here to learn more

Unser idealer Sponsor

We love sponsors who share our humour. 


We expect our new strategy to really make an impact into our bank account.

Visualized: Impact

Kennzahlen für Sponsoren

We'll post your meme to our Reddit and 9gag accounts and email them to you.


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