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Ted Mathis

 Pennsylvania Bodybuilding, Gewichtheben


I am a very humble hard working weightlifter that's become a bodybuilder. It's been 7yrs in the working. I am seeking a sponsor from a company that support a hard working, dedicated mindset.


I find myself worth the sponsorship due to the fact that I am willing to do what it takes to be the best I can be daily. I set out by living by the word I preach. I try my best to motivate and help others in any way possible as well. 

There is no excuse for laziness and I will not accept that attitude in my life.

Unser idealer Sponsor

I'd be willing to work with any company within the fitness company as long as we can work out a mutual agreement together. 


I'd be using any sponsorship opportunities towards working to better my bodybuilding career and help promote the sponsor 

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