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Tino Rinderknecht

 El Paso Bodybuilding, Fitness, Breiten-, Gesundheits- und Seniorensport


Bodybuilding Athlete. Online Coach. Born and raised in Germany currently living in Spain (Canary Islands).


Hello, I’m a fitness enthusiast and competition-oriented bodybuilding athlete.

2005   3.Place, Madrid, Regional Championship
2007   1.Place, Overall, Jóvenes y Promesas
2008   2.Place, Canarian Championship
2009   5.Place, Canarian Championship
2016   National preselection European Championship
           1.Place, I Tournament MTX Canarias,
           1.Place, Overall, V Canarian Cup
           1.Place, II Open Championship Sparta
2017   2.Place, Canarian Championship
2019   2.Place, Canarian Championship

2020   1.Place, NPC European Championship, Bodybuilding Masters +40, Super heavywheight


I think that in sport, as in all other areas of life, it's about finding the right balance in what we do.
By learning and achieving healthy and physically active habits, we can achieve a pain-free, healthy and balanced lifestyle. As long as the personal attitude is aligned with the goal established and the mindset oriented on physical and mental change.
Often, we find ourselves in a situation where we do not even know how to start and just start, only to then go by trial and error, making little or no progress, don´t change and end up being frustrated. That's where I want to help avoid mistakes.
I want to help competition athletes, young active teenagers, working women or men who have little time but still enjoy training for a few days a week. But also to the mature generation, which is mentally 100% fit but seek the support of good physical condition, appropriately and balanced, healthy diet in their daily routine.

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