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Sports „not funny enough”: Sponsorship Company starts selling Memes instead

Hamburg, 01.04.2021

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In a surprising move, digital sponsorship marketplace Sponsoo is coming up with an excuse to officially only deal with memes in the home office. As of April 1st, 2021, the company is switching its strategy to selling online memes.

Visualization of the thought process for the awesome new strategy

(Hamburg, April 1st 2021) “Oh f***, it’s that time of the year again”, thought Sponsoo’s marketing team on March 29th, 2021, when CEO Andreas Kitzing reminded them to come up with a press release for April 1st. “Let’s just use the first idea that we can find.” A new horizon: In a long-awaited, masterfully planned move, sponsorship company Sponsoo is presenting a brilliant new strategy: Instead of selling sports sponsorships, the company will be selling sponsored memes in the future.

CEO Andreas Kitzing states: “When I presented our actual new sales strategy to my younger employees, they just said ‘Lol, OK Boomer’ and continued typing on their smartphones, so we had to come up with something new.”

Pictured: Sponsoo's creative team at work

He adds: “While our employees in the home office are only busy with cat content on Youtube anyway, we asked ourselves how we can officially earn money with the wasted company time, and – Heureka! – the idea to sell memes instead of sports sponsorships was born.” The idea is explained in more detail in this sophisticated and entertaining explanation video:

Due to a slight misunderstanding how an April fools joke works, and instead of doing real work, Action-oriented and highly motivated as usual, the Sponsoo team directly started implementing the strategy and actually created a Sponsoo page where potential sponsors could order sponsored memes. Sponsors can select from different meme options and related services, such as:

  • Creating a meme about your company [funniness not guaranteed]
  • Explaining what a meme is and how to pronounce the word
  • Complaining in your social media comment section that your post is a repost
  • Getting unqualified investment advice from an actual r\wallstreetbets member
  • Wasting your bitcoins by transferring them to our corporate account

Created memes are automatically posted onto Sponsoo’s Reddit and 9gag accounts, and to also reach an older target group into a still-active WhatsApp group chat to organize a family gathering in 2013.

Sponsoo is highly optimistic that the new strategy will quickly yield results and pave the path for world domination. Or, to put it in the words of Marketing Intern Maya: “Wow, I finally convinced my boss to pay me for creating memes. A dream is coming true!”

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[Image: Give me all the Sponsored Memes]

[Image: Sponsoo's expectation about the meme revenue model]

[Image: The concept - simple but brilliant]

Sponsoo changes to the only form of sponsorship that still generates awareness today: Memes.

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