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  • Michael Eifert

    Kämpfe: 9 Siege 1 Niederlage 0 Remis IBF Junioren Weltmeister WBC Junioren Weltmeister WBO Junioren Weltmeister MDR / Sport im Osten / Sportschau Boxer Instagram: @michael.eifert_diesel Facebook: Michael Eifert LinkIn: Michael Eifert

  • Florian Marku

    Professional Boxer in the welterweight division under a current contract with Sky Sports

    Boxing, Martial Arts
  • Karim Mabrouk

    Profi Kickboxer und Polizeispitzensportler Karim Mabrouk

    Martial Arts, Kickboxing
  • Mitat isteri

    Fighter profesionista di kick boxing- Muay Thai - k -1

    Martial Arts, Kickboxing
  • Selin Bagderelli

    Karate / EM Silber, WM & EM Bronze, 6-Fache Schweizermeisterin

    Martial Arts, Karate
  • Martin Setz

    Judo Nationalmannschaft, 1. Bundesliga UJKC Potsdam, Sportstudent

    Judo, Martial Arts
  • Zafar Mohsen

    Mixed Martial Artist - IFC Champion

    Judo, Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Muay Thai
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