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This is Aishwarya she is a cricketer an upcoming young talent from Chennai she is superb all rounder a great feilder soon she is gonna reach the bigstage and she can influence many of her mates to your products as there are lots of contacts AISHWARYA


I(AISHWARYA MS) as a women cricketer  play mostly all tournament all around chennai Tamilnadu and india and I play for the tamilnadu state team and we go for four first class tournament where all media and people from all over the nation come to watch us play the tournament I go have video coverage and all of them know Aishwarya in and around chennai and I have a lot of contacts in my circle and I can influence a lot of people

A lot of them follow me and I have an social media account too through which we can get people to see us 

She is an upcoming young talent and going to be on the bigstage very soon 

She is a great all rounder and an attention gathering player she gathers audience attention very easily with her game so many look her and follow her

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All matches are online coverage and seven thousand people watch the tournament she is the most famous women cricketer in chennai she plays almost all the tournament she has so much exposure and public attention

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