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Alessia Donati

 Ascona CrossFit


I am Alessia Donati, 26 years old and I am a CrossFit Athlete. I am from Italy but I currently live in Switzerland. I have started CrossFit in February 2022 but with consistency and determination I have reached some important personal goals already.


Two weeks ago, I have discovered HYROX.  HYROX is a new sports discipline that is having an incredible global success: "A perfect combination of strength, resistance and determination.

An innovative and holistic approach, which includes running and natural movements, combined in an exclusive indoor fitness competition.

It all started as a joke, a week before the competition (Hyrox Milan - 7 October 2023) I decided to sign up to try this new emerging discipline which is having the fastest exponential growth in the history of fitness. For each Age Group, the first place would have secured a place at the next World Championships to be held in Nice from 7 to 9 June 2024.

Without any expectations, I won and therefore qualified for the world championship, a dream come true!

With my project I want to make this dream reality by finding the funds to cover travel and registration costs for this competition.

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It is a physically and economically difficult sport, even if it has not yet fully emerged in expansion and this means that there is a complete lack of sponsors and support from the federations. (Even by winning the competitions there are no prizes of any kind other than the medal and great personal satisfaction). Sponsoring me is not only a great way to get involved with the community; it’s also an amazing form of marketing for your business. That means your business will have branding in front of hundreds of people and generate a lot of impressions in social media. With that type of exposure, everyone will remember that you supported me.

I am asking for € 1.500  in exchange for the following:

  • Your logo on my wearings during the competition which will be live streamed
  • An invitation to attend the event
  • Instagam story thanking you for your sponsorship
  • Social media posts about your business
  • A handwritten thank you card 
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