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Alexander Koerfer

 Düsseldorf Mountain Climbing, Cycling, Swimming ...


Running / triathlon / cycling / swimming - 33 years old --> x70 (ultra) marathon, 5x Ironman, 1x 100km, 1x 100mi


I am a passionate endurance athlete in the areas of running, triathlon, cycling and swimming. I take part in over 20-25 national and international competitions every year. In addition, I am extremely well connected in the sports scene, both with professional athletes and with many amateur athletes. I am a young and communicative young man who likes to share his experiences about material & equipment, competitions and special experiences.

I'm looking for a sponsor who will help me financially to take part in the many competitions and, if necessary, equip me with good equipment. In return, I will represent the sponsor (jersey, etc.) at all events, in the press (last year: Runner's World, Tri-Mag) and mention them in all my postings.

My best times are:
10km: 00:38:57
Half marathon: 1:23:56
Marathon: 3:02:37
100km: 13:15:27
Iron Man: 10:34:55

Our preferred sponsor

manufacturer of sports equipment

Manufacturer of sports nutrition

Sponsorship Usage

Coverage of participation fees and travel costs to competitions

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