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 Bologna Allgemeines Turnen, Gymnastik, Pilates ...


Based in Bologna. We are a non-profit sport association, affiliated to AICS and registered to CONI. Our major sport is free body gymnastics; we also organize dance, yoga and pilates classes. Every activity is custumized mostly for women and families.


Choosing to sponsor us means having an eco in all Bologna territory, as we organize activities in different neighbourhoods, in co-operation with the local government. Our projects involve different figures(besides sport instructors) like nutritionist, midwives, psychologists, physios and much more, making us a point of reference to the local population. For us is important to find a sponsor that embraces our same principles of giving ethically wellness services to the population. We expect to receive offers from: baby products stores, food&beverage producers, sportwear stores, medical facilities and professional studios.

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Our events usually cover 1000 people. We are well radicated in the territory of Bologna, indeed we co-operate with the local gorverment in organizing our projects. We also have a good presence on the web with our website and facebook page. The composition of our participant is 80%families(with children 2-6 yrs) 20%elderly (over 65). 90% females 10%males.  We are now starting new projects involving schools and teens (age 11-16).