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Athar Akhtar

 Federal Capial &AJK Bergrennen, Laufen (Langstrecke), Leichtathletik


Hello sir, i am a national marathon runner representing margalla trail runners' club in Pakistan looking for sponsors Please find the event attached of salmon capidocia ultra trail . Thank you Event Link:


As i mentioned earlier that i am a national marathon runner , long distance runner and long distance mountain trail runner . I participated in many national events in my country Pakistan and won many titles. I won ‘first Islamabad marathon’ 42.2 km  recently in feb 2022 organized by Islamabad run with us.  Won half marathon two times followed by one 10 km and 5km road runs 7 times . I also participated in UTMB world series qualifier ultra trail running series organized by our host club margalla trail runners . Where i did 56 km trail running and secured first position . Also did half marathon 21.1 km road running with my team  in high altitude of Islamabad margalla hills and secured second place . 

I have fans following on social media platform like Facebook and Instagram. Its mainly because of their support that i am  giving more energy on it to do it in the best way possible. 

Its my first time that i have been selected for an international event , which will be happening on October 2022 in Solomon capidocia turkey  . Its my dream to represent my country on an international event .But unfortunately i do not have that amount of my own which could meet my overall expenses within the event .Thats the reason why iam looking for sponsors. 

Thank you 

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